Welcome to St. George Men’s Group: CONNECTIONS!


A program to foster relationships between individuals in the Men’s Group.  This will allow any member to relate to another member (or group of members) based on specific needs or interests. The intention is to improve friendships in the group and leverage talent, experiences, and resources.  Friendships are key to a satisfying life!  Why not build friendships among group members, beyond group meetings and events?

How do I participate?

Requests are triggered by you, the members!  Simply reply to this email, or send a request to SGMGconnect@gmail.com.

Your email will be reviewed, blinded and then forwarded to the full membership as a “Request for Connection”.  Your request will be anonymous, that is, the group will NOT KNOW who is making the request. That information will only be revealed to someone who replies to make the connection!  Anonymity was chosen to help member’s feel more comfortable and private about sensitive requests. If a connection response is received from any member(s) of the group, the liaison will connect the individuals!  That’s it!

Why might I make a request?

As mentioned, fellow members represent endless experiences and opportunities.  Why go it alone when you can have a friend with experience by your side?  Here are some sample requests:

– Medical conditions (“I was just diagnosed with… and could use some opinion, advice, support.”)
– Life stages (new parent?; retiring?; caregiving?); (“I am raising a child with special needs and would like to connect.”)
– Social calls (sport, team); (“Our pickleball group could use a 4th!”)
– Hobbies and interests (“I collect sports cards and would like to connect.”)
– Equipment sharing (“I would like to borrow a power washer for this week.”)
– Connect for hire (“Is there a painter in the group who would be able to provide an estimate?”)

– Maybe you just need to talk, one man to another… reach out!

So, next time you have a need or concern, consider leaning on your fellow members!  Also, as you see a request come through in your area of “expertise”, consider supporting a member!  You just might end up making a lifelong CONNECTION!

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