Acts of Kindness

St George Men’s Group

Acts of Kindness Guidelines

Acts of Kindness is part of the ministry of the St. George Men’s Group. When a true need arises within the community, our members will provide help to a person in need. We have provided services such as rides to doctor’s visits, transportation of hospital beds and chairs in the home, trimming of trees and yardwork, building a ramp to gain entrance into a home for medical transportation of the resident, and more.

Typical Acts of Kindness Ministry services when there is a real need:

  • delivering meals
  • local home companionship
  • mentoring to community and schools
  • rides for doctor visits
  • rides for shopping needs
  • snow shoveling
  • yardwork
  • visit parishioners in hospitals
  • handyman activities in homes, within the scope of what SGMG can provide
  • light duty moving services

If a request is outside the scope or ability of the St George Men’s Group, we may put the need out to the membership for extraordinary assistance and would not be the responsibility of the St George Men’s Group.

Revised & Approved:    3 May 2022

For example: SGMG members dismantled and removed the  playscape at Our Lady of Mercy School. (Before and After photos above.)


Requests and/or services that meet the criteria listed above must be made to Tammy DeFrancesco at Guilford Social Services or Father Kevin Dillon Pastor of St. George Church in Guilford. Either Ms. DeFrancesco or Father Dillon will then conduct an assessment of the need for the service and, if the request is determined to be appropriate, will contact the St. George Men’s Group. If the St. George Men’s Group can provide the approved service, arrangements will be made to complete that Act of Kindness in a timely manner.

St George Church or Guilford Social Services shall assume all liabilities involving the Act of Kindness performed by the SGMG.


Tammy DeFrancesco
Phone: (203) 453-8009

Father Kevin Dillon
Phone: (203) 453-2788

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