What We Believe


This is giving a voice to those who have no voice! That is, the poor, the sick, the shut in, the unborn, the dying, the disadvantaged, the immigrants, those imprisoned, the homeless, racial

Community Organizing

Get involved in the community! Join or start a food pantry. Start a neighborhood watch program if one is needed. Start or join a group in your parish that studies the issues of the community/world


We are obligated to educate ourselves and others about social justice Read all you can about the subject. Study all you can about all the social issues facing us in the world today. Spread the word

Christian Principle Solidarity

Living as though other people and living things matter.  Examples of this would be: FASTING in solidarity with the hungry, the oppressed etc LIVING SIMPLY. Do I really need all those gadgets coming

Meet Our Staff

Fr. Stephen Sledesky, Spiritual Advisor
Cliff Bechtold, President
James Mancini, Vice President
Anthony (Tony) Sicignano, Secretary

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